How Texting Has Changed Communication

The first text message was sent on December 3, 1992. Since then, texting has improved how fast a message is sent.

Texting has made a big impact on our lives; it can either be used in a positive way or negative way. Texting can be positive to communicate with other people at work. Texting can be bad when you use it against someone such as bullying or when you are texting in a place that you are not supposed to such as school or a place where phones aren’t allowed.


A popular phone that sends text messages quickly is an IPHONE. For example I have an IPHONE and I use it for almost anything. I use it to text my friends, check my emails, check Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, type in my schedule for work and things I need for school.

I asked one of my co-workers, Chris Harvey, a 21 year old about whether texting has changed our society in a good or bad way. His answer was, “it changed society in a bad way because nowadays people can’t talk face to face, everything is through text and nobody has any physical contact with people anymore.”

After he gave his answer I asked him if he liked the idea of texting. He said, “it’s all right for certain things, such as talking to people who are far away from you.” He also said that he started texting three years ago when he first received his first phone. He also says that the only differences from the phones are that he now has a keyboard.

I asked another co-worker, Amanda Palmieri, a 17-year-old “if texting has changed the way we socialize with other people?” Her response was, “yes, I believe it has because we’re not talking face to face anymore; we’re hiding behind a cell phone and that’s just not right.”

Joe Franchi, a 17 year old, thinks that the only improvement in texting is “the emojis on an IPhone because it’s easier to express your mood through text.”

Texting has changed in a lot of helpful ways. You can stay in contact with people that are far or near you. It also can be used in a bad way for things such as bullying. Use your texting in a useful way, not a way to harm others.

Leydi Jaramillo

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