Laura Recommends "Mama"

Laura Recommends “Mama”

The newest movies are being promoted a lot on media platforms like instagram, facebook and others. To gain more social presence for these titles the producers tend to get free instagram followers by publishing viral content related to their upcoming titles.Anyways,I watched the new thriller Mama in theaters recently. It’s the perfect type of scary movie where you can see it and get scared, but won’t be scarred. You’ll still be able to sleep at night after seeing this movie. The plot in itself was good and easy to follow and the acting was decent enough to not make you… Read more →

Solanlly Recommends "The Notebook"

Solanlly Recommends “The Notebook”

The movie The Notebook starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, released in 2004 is a drama movie about a couple who falls in love in the early 1940s at Seabrook Island, South Carolina. The movie takes place in a modern-day nursing home, where an elderly man who people call “Duke”  reads a story from a notebook to an elderly woman… Read more →

Do adults understand their children?

Do adults understand their children?

Do adults really know what teens go through? Are you a parent? If so do you know everything that your child goes through? Parents always tell their children that they can come to them and tell them anything, but can they really? A lot of teens often feel like they can’t come to their parent and vent to them, which… Read more →

East Haven Students Get Tablets

East Haven Students Get Tablets

How can we improve schools? This is a question that many people ask themselves, but very few have the answers. Many schools have been trying different ways of improving schools to get students interacting more, and being motivated to further their education. One district that made some changes was East Haven, specifically Joseph Melillo Middle School and East Haven Academy…. Read more →

Negativity won't get him down

Negativity won’t get him down

Kumal Troutman is an 18 year old teen from New haven. He attends High School in the Community in New Haven. Wanda Ivory and Kumal Troutman gave birth to a baby boy in Saint Raphael’s hospital on February 19, 1994 in New Haven. His family is originally from all over the states. Kumal grew up in a rough neighborhood. He… Read more →

Snakes and plants inside the classroom

Snakes and plants inside the classroom

Steve Zepecki, a Biology teacher at High School in the Community in New Haven, brings new ideas into the classroom to get students motivated and interacting in class. Steve Zepecki teaches Biology, Research Method, and Aquatic Biology. You would have expected that in a classroom, there are desks, boards and books. But in Steve’s classroom other than having books, he… Read more →

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Rape Victims Deserve Respect

Rape. It’s a serious topic that can bring up many different negative emotions in everyone. Anger, depression, guilt, those are only a few of the many negative emotions one may feel. Some don’t understand it and some think it’s the victim’s fault and others pity the victim. When the topic of rape comes up around someone who has been raped,… Read more →

Be Thankful for What You've Got

Be Thankful for What You’ve Got

Check your pulse! Are you able to check your pulse? If you checked your pulse then you have to be breathing. This means you are alive! A lot of people didn’t wake up this morning. You did though. You might not have all the material things but that shouldn’t stop you from living your life. A lot of people don’t… Read more →